What makes electric bicycles perfect for you: the benefits

Why get an Extreme Bike electric bicycle, you ask? Why not!

  • Extreme Bike Stealth in Red - pedals on the promenade

    Extreme Bike Stealth in Red – pedaling on the promenade

    The most sustainable, affordable form of motorised transport;

  • Accessible to anyone with a sense of balance;
  • Huge health improvements;
  • Significantly lower pollution levels in cities.

On PROMOTION: R15950 (normal price: R17500)These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg, and countries around the world have quickly cottoned on to this. The result is that laws have been passed to allow for electric pedal bicycles to be used in similar ways to leg powered ones. Bearing in mind the differences, a few other restrictions are placed on electric bicycles, such as the fact that the power must be limited to 250W.

As is often the case when new technology is introduced to a country, there are teething problems and South Africa is no different. Currently electric bikes are regulated by the laws governing motor vehicles. Potentially the Extreme Bike Stealth electric bicycle falls through a loophole however, and we are working on getting them regulated in their own right for use on public roads to alleviate all this confusion. A document called SANS 311, published at the end of 2007, states

“Cycles that are equipped with an auxiliary electric motor that has a maximum continuous rated power of 0,25 kW, of which the output is progressively reduced and finally cut off as the vehicle reaches a speed of 25 km/h, or sooner”.

We are producing the Extreme Bike Stealth electric bicycle in South Africa to meet all specific requirements, as well as all the regulations proposed by the SABS, and is therefore not currently in any vehicle category. For information on the laws regarding pedal bikes, have a look at our layman’s translation of the Traffic Act.

City Police
 the world over regularly use the Extreme Bike Stealth electric bikes to patrol the streets as motorized bicycles offer a reliable and efficient way of mobile patrolling. There is continual progress and we can hope that the following facts lead toward a positive and documented solution for us:

  • The transport minister has promoted the Extreme Bike Stealth electric bicycle’s benefits and potential in a number of speeches.
  • No Extreme Bike Stealth electric bicycle rider has ever come up against any trouble with the law to date.
  • The transport department advocates the use of sustainable, accessible transport.

Please be aware that until such time as the laws are passed, it is important to ensure that your electric bicycle meets the requirements as laid out by the SABS regulations. That’s why we recommend the Extreme Bike Stealth electric bicycle. Welcome to the world of sustainable transport, and thank you for your commitment to clean air and healthy living.